Joey Petrila - Student Council Vice President

I'm Joey and I'm in my 2nd year of studying Politics and Society. Besides for the peacocks, one of the best things about AAU is the culturally diverse student body. Working with students from all around the world makes SC always come up with cool and innovative ideas, which is what made me want to join. You can see me running around during events and at times, flexing my non-existent DJ skills on the dance floor.

Oscar Iwuama - Event Assistant


My name is P. Oscar Iwuama. As a child, I was opportune to travel and lived around the world. I like fighting injustice, and protecting the interest of people is my goal in life. That is why I joined the Student Council to mediate between the students and the school authorities. After living in so many countries and continents, I found home in Prague. AAU has transformed me from being an aggressive and troublesome guy to a cool sole proprietor, who enjoys writing articles and blogging about the release of his first Novel called Players Hunts. I was able to make all this progress since I started studying at Anglo-American University. The only way to give back to AAU is by joining the Student Council in order to contribute to the day to day activities of the school. 

Tijana Zerajik - Student Council Secretary


Hello, I am Tijana and I'm the Student Council secretary. I have been attending AAU for almost a year and helping out my community these past two semesters has been a true pleasure. My purpose is not only writing agendas and minutes during meetings but rather helping fellow students struggling with any sorts of problems. If you have any questions, you can email me or spot me in the cafe, where I am sipping coffee as usual.

Mateja Zerajik - Student Club Coordinator


Hello my fellow AAU students! My name is Mateja and I am the club coordinator for the Student Council. I am looking forward to working with and guiding students throughout this semester and hopefully make sure everyone has a great time. 



Michael Kačarević - Student Council President

I'm Michael, a Czech-Bosnian Politics&Society major in my final semester. I joined the SC last spring because I felt it had so much more potential in engaging with students and building a stronger sense of community! So, apart from taking long romantic walks to the fridge, I enjoy connecting to our diverse body of students and making sure they feel represented - but also ensuring that the SC is seen as a respectable body at AAU.

Onya Sterling - CEA Student Advisor


My name is Onya, I am a study abroad student here at AAU and will be graduating this spring with a degree in Economic Policy. I joined the Student Council because I thought that it was a great way to get involved and make an impact while meeting new people. I also loved the idea of working with a unique group of people to help make AAU the best it can be! In my free time, I am usually hanging out with friends, exploring the city, or you can find me somewhere eating food. If you ever see me around campus feel free to stop me and say hi!  .


Jovan Marković - PR and Communications Manager


Hey there my AAU people! My name is Jovan and I am first-year student from Belgrade, Serbia. This semester I will be serving as your primary line of contact with the Student Council. I am more than willing to represent your wants, needs, and concerns at our future meetings. If you have some of your own, please write me an email or find me in the cafe where I spend most of my time when not pretending I'm good at basketball. Due to my extreme superhero complex, it'll be hard for me to not help you with your troubles, so don't hesitate. Talk soon!





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